Our services for women

BPAS offers abortion care & other services to women across the UK


Campaigning for equal access to infertility treatment

Just say non!

...to the stigma and shame around emergency contraception

Back Off

The campaign to protect abortion clinics and those that need them

We Trust Women

The campaign to decriminalise abortion in the UK


Understanding and improving the communication of risk relating to pregnancy

Reproductive rights. Forwards – not back.

If you believe reproductive choice is a woman’s right, there has never been a more important time to join us.

Abortion has finally been decriminalised in Northern Ireland, but women in England and Wales can still face prosecution for ending a pregnancy without the permission of two doctors.

For as little as £2 per month, you can help us change this, and secure the choice and services that women need – across the whole UK, and across their whole reproductive lifetimes.

BPAS provides abortion care in the UK, and campaigns and advocates for reproductive rights. We’ve come so far. Abortion has finally been decriminalised in Ireland and Northern Ireland; two Local Authorities have introduced buffer zones outside abortion clinics in England; and major retailers have slashed the price of emergency contraception.

But there is still far to go. We need you to help us finish what we’ve started.

Come with us. Become a friend of BPAS today.

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