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If you believe reproductive choice is a woman’s right, there has never been a more important time to join us.

In the wake of the Irish referendum to repeal the 8th amendment, Northern Ireland is in the spotlight. Soon, Northern Irish women will be the only people in all of Britain and Ireland who cannot access safe, legal abortion care in their own country.

For as little as £2 per month, you can help us change this, and secure the choice and services that women need – across the whole UK, and across their whole reproductive lifetimes.

bpas provides abortion care in the UK, and campaigns and advocates for reproductive rights. We’ve come so far. In 2017, the government finally agreed to fund abortion care for Northern Irish women who travel; major retailers slashed the price of emergency contraception; and Parliament approved the first attempt to modernise our out-dated abortion laws.

But there is still far to go. We need you to help us finish what we’ve started.

Come with us. Become a friend of bpas today.

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